Saturday, July 9, 2011

Does Your Woodpile Speak to You?

Mine sure does. Doug is a devout scrap collector. That makes me one by default, as what's his is mine. We make a lot of our own furniture, odds, and ends from wood and other scrap materials. In fact, a large portion of our houseboat is built with materials that were discarded, abandoned, or literally washed up on shore. In Mexico, we recently built a house-full of furniture from a set of abandoned Mexican shutters and beams — but that story deserves its own post. I found this inspiring article by Kate Pruitt on Design Sponge that exemplifies how you can turn old cruddy wood into something chic. The wooden storage bench is a wonderful contrast to the modern feel of these white walls and simple decor in the photo on the left. Read more about the process and get inspired to create your own rustic designs here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

27 Blank Wall Solutions

27 Blank Wall Solutions from BHG
When it comes to hanging wall art, I have almost NO room in my tiny space, and I try to avoid displaying too much on the walls—but that's no reason to be uninspired. Here are 27 ideas from series of photos from Better Homes and Gardens. If you have a blank wall itching for some style take a look:

27 Blank Wall Solutions


Welcome to the new blog! I will be sharing links to all kinds of great modern design ideas that will inspire you to create some designer style in your home.